Double Wall Freezer Gel Shot Glasses, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, 1 Ounce, Set of 4

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Freezer Shot Glasses For Your Coolest Party Yet. Everyone will love taking smooth, ice-cold shots with these reusable freezer shot glasses. The double wall contains crackle ice gel, which can be frozen again and again to keep your beverages extra cold. Glasses are made of BPA free acrylic material.

Just freeze your shot glasses for up to four hours for ice-cold shots. Everyone gets their own color – your set will include one of each: blue, red, orange and green, so glasses won’t get mixed up.

Small shot glasses hold one ounce. Refill while it’s still cold. Hand wash and refreeze after use so you’ll always have the coldest shots when it’s time to party.

  • SHOTS TASTE BETTER ICE COLD. Serve liquor in these freezable shot glasses for the smoothest, coldest shots.
  • FILLED WITH CRACKLE ICE GEL. Freeze and refreeze for those ice-cold shots. Double wall keeps freezable gel separate from the drink.
  • HOLDS 1 OUNCE OF LIQUID. Perfect for party shots of vodka, whiskey, scotch, rum or tequila.
  • FREEZE FOR UP TO FOUR HOURS. For the perfect shot, freeze glass 4 hours before the party starts. Refill until glass is no longer cold – then freeze again.
  • COMES IN FOUR COLORS. A set includes one each: blue, red, orange and green so everyone has their own color.