7" Round Galileo Thermometer with 7 Multi Color Floats and Gold Temperature Tags in a Cherry Finished Wood Frame

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Galileo Thermometers demonstrate a unique method of telling temperature that was discovered by Galileo Galilei (1564-1642). HOW DO GALILEO THERMOMETERS WORK? The Balls inside the frame have different densities When the temperature changes, the balls inside rise and fall To read the temperature check the group of balls near the top The lowest ball in the group at the top tells the temperature If all the balls are at the bottom it is hotter than the highest temperature. If all the balls are at the top it is colder than the lowest temperature. WARNING! To avoid inaccurate temperature readings or color fading Galileo Thermometers should not be placed in Direct Sunlight! Each Galileo Thermometer is individually boxed with instruction.

  • Measures from 60 F to 84 F
  • 7 Multi Colored Floats with Gold Tags
  • Great conversation piece and Ideal gift
  • Cherry finished wooden frame
  • Total Height - 8.00", Width - 6.00"