Auto Heated Travel Coffee Tea Mug Cup 12V and USB. (Red)

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Keep coffee, tea, and soups steaming and delicious, while driving to work or sitting at your desk with this heated coffee mug! This insulated travel mug plugs into your computer's USB port or car's 12-volt adapter to warm 16-oz. of liquid. The stainless travel mug features a spill-proof lid, soft-grip handle and rubberized finish in blue or red. The 12-volt coffee mug is double insulated for added preservation of warmth when not plugged in. Keep a fresh cup of coffee or tea warm, or re-heat this morning's cup with this attractive and practical heated travel mug!

  • Plugs into your USB port or 12V auto adapter... keeps your coffee steaming while you work or drive
  • Double insulated Stainless Steel Mug
  • Includes one USB plug for your desktop & one 12V plug for the car
  • Spill proof lid, Soft rubberized finish, Soft grip rugged handle
  • Measure: 7.6"H x 3"W x 3"D. 16 oz. capacity