Bombs Away 1-1/2-Ounce Shot Glasses, Set of 2

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This set of two shot glasses have a double walled design that allows the bottom half of each to be shaped like the tail end of a stereotypical bomb shape. Gives new meaning to "bombs away". A great conversation starter and a whimsical addition to any in-home bar collection, the glasses offer a memorable way to enjoy favorite liquor shots--from whiskey and tequila to fruity cocktail blends, Jell-O shots, and more. Set of 2.

  • Set of 2 shot glasses measuring 2 by 2 by 3 inches and holding 1-1/2 ounces each
  • Durable double-walled borosilicate glass construction; compact, cylindrical profiles
  • Frosted, bomb-shaped inner compartments whimsically showcase contents
  • Smoothly rounded rims ensure easy dispensing; hand-wash for best results