Candle Holders Artistic Interior Wall Sconces Black Iron, Set of 2

Candle Holders Artistic Interior Wall Sconces Black Iron, Set of 2

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Beautifully Lights Up A Room. This gorgeous set of wall sconces looks elegant on your living room or bedroom wall. Add your favorite candles for a warm glow and rejuvenating scent. Candles are not included, works best with pillar candles, both scented and unscented.

Easy to install. Use the included screws to mount to walls. Customize the configuration to create a unique wall accent. Mount them close together to create a heart shape, or mount a mirror between them for a well-lit area for guests to check their reflection.

The black iron construction looks attractive with any décor, and will always fit in with your changing tastes. At 10.5 inches tall and 7 inches wide, sconces are large enough to make a statement, yet can be mounted in smaller rooms without being oversized.

  • HOLDS TWO CANDLES. Candles not included. Set candles on sconces and light to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • UNIQUE AND ARTISTIC. Designed by artist Waiquan Lee.
  • BLACK IRON CONSTRUCTION. Sturdy and easy to clean. Each sconce is 10.5 inches tall and 7 inches wide.
  • EASY TO INSTALL. Includes hardware for installation. Just mount to wall with two screws in each sconce.
  • CLASSIC, TIMELESS DESIGN. Complements both modern and vintage-inspired décor. Simple, elegant design can be arranged in multiple ways to dress up any room.