Colorful Mosaic Glass Gazing Ball, 10-Inch

Colorful Mosaic Glass Gazing Ball, 10-Inch

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A Living Art Piece That Brings Beauty To Your Garden. The many petal-shaped pieces of glass create a unique mosaic effect. During the day, sunlight bounces off each petal that brings out the rainbow holographic accents. You’ll love placing this in your favorite gazing ball holder or setting it down near flowerbeds, gardens and patios. It’s an excellent conversation piece for outdoor parties, or just something to meditate on during quiet nights.

Add A Touch Of Magic To Your Garden. Legend has it; the gazing ball can attract fairies, kindred spirits and good fortune. Whether you believe the legend or not, this mosaic centerpiece creates a new dimension of beauty in your garden or patio.

Set it out on your favorite ten-inch gazing ball holder or place it in a flowerbed to reflect the beauty all around you. Made of 100 percent glass. Gazing ball holder not included.

  • RAINBOW EFFECT. Reflects an array of rainbow colors that change with the environment.
  • HOLOGRAPHIC EFFECT. Glass pieces reflect stunning rainbow colors.
  • MOSAIC DESIGN. Hundreds of tiny pieces of glass individually reflect beams of light.
  • FOR PATIOS, GARDENS AND FLOWERBEDS. Makes a stunning conversation piece wherever you place it.
  • LARGE 10-INCH SIZE. Fits in many gazing ball holders, not included.
  • DESTINED TO BRING GOOD FORTUNE. Gazing balls were known to attract fairies, kindred spirits and wealth.