Double Wall Insulated Freezer Gel Mugs 10 Ounce, Set of 4

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Instantly chill beverages for fun, frosty refreshment. Kids and adults alike love sipping ice-cold drinks from these adorable freezer mugs. The double wall contains crackle gel, which quickly freezes to keep drinks extra cold. The four mugs come in bright colors: blue, red, orange and green, so everyone gets their own fun color – mugs never get mixed up!

Mugs have a wide, solid base and curved, easy-hold handles, 6.7" tall and 3.5" diameter at the top. Great for outdoor parties, so drinks stay cool in the sun without getting ruined by melting ice cubes. Your drinks will stay cold and taste better than ever. Excellent for ice cream, iced coffee, smoothies and frozen lemonade.

  • CHILL DRINKS WITHOUT WATERING THEM DOWN. Serve any beverage in these freezable mugs for an instant ice-cold chill.
  • GREAT FOR DESSERT. Serve ice cream and sherbet in these mugs to prevent melting, even in the blazing summer heat.
  • FREEZE AND REFREEZE. Hand wash and refreeze for four hours so you always have frosty mugs.
  • FILLED WITH CRACKLE ICE GEL. Double-walled insulated mugs contain crackle gel, which creates a frosty appearance between your beverage and the mug.
  • KIDS LOVE THEM. Made of a BPA free acrylic material, won’t break if dropped. Easy-hold handles and bright colors make these mugs a hit with kids.