Fruit Infusion Pitcher, Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher. 93-Ounce (2.9 Quart) Capacity

Fruit Infusion Pitcher, Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher. 93-Ounce (2.9 Quart) Capacity

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Healthy Homemade Flavored Water To Keep You Hydrated. The easiest way to improve your digestion, fight fatigue and get clearer skin is to simply drink enough water. But plain water just doesn’t quench your thirst or satisfy your cravings for something sweet. This fruit infusion pitcher adds a fresh burst of flavor to your water while helping you and your family stay healthy. You won’t even miss sugary juices and sodas, and you’ll look forward to creating new flavors with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Even the kids will start drinking more water when it’s naturally flavored with fresh, healthy fruit, vegetables and herbs.

The possibilities are endless. Pack the center flavor infusion rod any way you’d like to create custom flavored water blends. Chopped fruit sweetens your water and helps boost your immune system. Or, fill the center with tea bags for cold brewed iced tea. Also makes refreshing sangria for the adults. Pitcher holds up to 2.9 quarts or 93 ounces of water, so you’ll always have enough to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Hand wash recommended.

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  • MAKES IT EASY TO DRINK ENOUGH WATER. Get hydrated with refreshing fruit infusion and herbal tea blends that you make at home.
  • SAVE MONEY ON FRUIT DRINKS. Make your own tasty beverages at a fraction of the cost of bottled juices and sodas.
  • GET HEALTHY, LOSE WEIGHT. Cut back on sugary drinks without sacrificing flavor. Fresh fruit naturally sweetens water without extra calories.
  • ENDLESS RECIPE OPTIONS. Fill the center infusion rod with fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs or spices to customize your drink.
  • LARGE CAPACITY. Holds up to 2.9 quarts or 93 ounces.