Handcrafted Rotating Globe Executive Desk Pen Set, Cherry Wood Base (Gift Set)

Handcrafted Rotating Globe Executive Desk Pen Set, Cherry Wood Base (Gift Set)

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The Finishing Touch For The Professional’s Desk. This elegant, handcrafted pen desk set handsomely tops your desk, with a detailed mini-globe to remind you of places you’ve been and journeys not yet started. Polished cherry wood base dresses up your workstation. Includes gold finish, 6.5-inch pen that smoothly glides into its holder, always within reach. Globe is mounted on a base that spins, so you can use it as a functioning globe, complete with labeled oceans, countries and continents.

Makes a great gift for colleagues and bosses to celebrate holidays, birthdays or success in business. Keep for yourself to add a touch of class and make a wonderful first impression on clients and associates who visit your office. Entire set measures approximately 9 inches long, 4 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall.

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  • SOPHISTICATED DESK TOPPER. Excellent quality pen holder set with cherry wood base.
  • FUNCTIONAL SPINNING GLOBE. View all of the world’s oceans and continents at a glance. Globe is mounted on spinning base.
  • INCLUDES PEN. Gold finish pen is always close at hand for signing important documents so you’re always ready to seal the deal.
  • UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL. Simple, polished design adds a touch of class to computer desks and office workstations.
  • MAKES AN EXCELLENT GIFT. Perfect for the executive on your holiday gift shopping list.