Ice Cube Trays with Easy Push Pop Out Narrow Ice Stick Cubes for Sport and Water Bottles. Pack of 3

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Ice Cubes That Actually Fit In Water Bottles Finally, ice trays to make ice that fits perfectly in any water bottle. No longer do you have to chill bottled or canned beverages in the freezer, only for your drink containers to stretch, crack or explode. No need to force too-wide ice cubes into narrow bottle necks.

These struggle-free ice cube trays have silicone cups that pop out when it’s time to chill your drink. It’s easy to remove as much as you need – without inadvertently popping out too many. Ice cubes pop out cleanly without cracking or breaking. Dishwasher safe, or hand wash with soapy water.

Trays measure 11"L 4½"W x 1"H, perfectly sized to fit between the fish sticks and frozen peas. Fits in mini-fridges, office and dorm-sized mini freezers. You get three trays that each make 10 ice sticks, so you can make up to 30 ice sticks at a time. Ice sticks come out about 3 3/4" long and 3/4" in diameter.

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  • MAKE 30 ICE CUBES AT A TIME. You’ll get 3 ice cube trays that create 10 ice cubes each. You’ll always have perfectly shaped ice when you need it.
  • ICE STICKS FIT THROUGH WATER BOTTLE MOUTHS. Ice sticks come out about 3 3/4" long and 3/4" in diameter, easily slipping into most water bottles
  • FREEZES QUICKLY. Narrow ice sticks freeze solid more quickly than many cube trays. Tray dimensions: 11"L 4½"W x 1"H
  • EASY TO POP ICE OUT. Solid PBA plastic tray with silicone cups makes it easy to remove only the ice you want.
  • GREAT FOR KIDS. You’ll get one of each color: orange, blue and green. Fill with juice or fruit to create water enhancers.