Old Fashioned Black Vintage Rotary Telephone Clock

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Old-Fashioned Rotary Phone Makes A Comeback – As A Gorgeous Timepiece. This vintage-inspired clock is sure to make guests take a second look. The realistic details will remind you of the 1920’s. You could almost imagine running your finger through the dial and picking up the receiver to call your best friend to plan a night out at the movies.

The wide, freestanding base allows the clock to be placed anywhere – at your bedside, mantle or side table. Aluminum metal construction is coated with a brushed black finish. Dimensions: 9.5" tall, 12" wide and 7.25" diameter base.

Requires one AA battery, not included. Quartz movement for accurate time keeping so you’ll always be on time to listen in on your favorite radio show.

  • LIFELIKE DETAILS. Looks like a real rotary telephone.
  • BRUSHED BROWN FINISH. Sturdy aluminum metal construction with smooth brown finish.
  • ROTARY DIAL. Clock face cleverly designed to look like a rotary dial.
  • USES 1 AA BATTERY. Battery not included. No dangling cords or chargers.
  • QUARTZ MOVEMENT. Guaranteed accurate time keeping.