Perfect Tea Timer Two-In-One 3 and 5 Minute Sand Hourglass Timers

Perfect Tea Timer Two-In-One 3 and 5 Minute Sand Hourglass Timers

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Perfect Tea, Every Time. The key to perfect tea is in the timing. A quick brew results in a weak, flavorless tea. Steep too long, and the bitter tannins will ruin the taste.

This 2-in-1 timer is perfect for quickly timing any type of tea. The 3-minute hourglass is best used with oolong and white, green and yellow tea leaves, which have a delicate flavor that quickly deteriorates if you steep them too long. Use the 5-minute timer is best for English breakfast, Earl Grey and other black teas.

Sits perfectly on any table or countertop, at just 5.25” tall. Wood frame has a smooth black finish that complements any kitchen. Give as a gift or keep to yourself for the perfect cup of tea every morning.

  • PERFECT TIMING FOR ANY TEA. Two hourglasses provide 3-minute and 5-minute timing. Use the the 3-minute timing for a light brew, and the 5-minute timers for dark, stronger tea.
  • CUTE ACCESSORY FOR ANY KITCHEN. Wood frame with black finish complements any décor.
  • COMPACT SIZE. At just 5 1/4 inches tall, this timer won’t take up much room on your counter, but you’ll use it daily to brew your morning tea to perfection.
  • TRADITIONAL HOURGLASSES FOR AN ACCURATE BREW. It’s so easy to reset the timers – just flip and watch the sand drizzle down from the top chamber to the bottom. No batteries, apps or electricity needed.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT. Attractive design makes a lovely present for both casual and serious tea lovers.