Vintage Beer Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher, Father’s Day Gift

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The Bottle Opener That Never Gets Lost. This whimsical wall decoration always keeps the beer bottle opener handy. Discarded caps fall into the bottom reservoir, keeping trash off the floor. The durable cast metal opener easily pops open any beer, while the decorative plaque keeps it close at hand.

.Everyone will want to take a turn using the wall-mounted opener to pop open their brew with one hand. This beer bottle opener has a 50’s inspired distressed design that looks great in your kitchen – but if you have to settle for keeping it in the Man Cave, it’ll look great there, too. Mounts to the wall with one screw. Measure 14 1/4" long 5 1/2" wide and 3 3/4" deep

  • WHIMSICAL VINTAGE DESIGN. Go back to the 50s with the faux distressed finish and friendly waitress print.
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR MAN-CAVE. Great for parties or gaming nights.
  • FUN TO USE. Easily pop open any beer with one hand by leveraging the cap against the cast metal bottle opener. Caps neatly collect in bottom reservoir.
  • EASY ACCESS. Mount on any wall, closest to where your festivities take place. You’ll never have to hunt down the bottle opener again.
  • Measure 14 1/4" long 5 1/2" wide and 3 3/4" deep