Whiskey Stones, Polished Black Whiskey Rocks Set Of 9

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Ice Cold Drinks Without The Ice. Enjoy distilled spirits at their best – ice cold and at full strength. Unlike ice cubes, which quickly melt and water down your beverage, these soapstone Whiskey Stones chill your drink without diluting it. Just keep them in your freezer. The natural soapstone holds temperatures for a long time, quickly transferring the cold to your beverage once you drop the cubes into your drink.

Soapstone is made up of talc, and is non-porous, so it won’t contribute any flavors to your drink or alter the chemistry of your beverages. Just provides a clean, pure chill.

Makes a great gift for whiskey connoisseurs, and those who enjoy chilled drinks, alcoholic or not. Comes with 9 soapstone cubes and a muslin storage bag. Each cube measures .75 inches. Coated in FDA-approved, food safe black polish.

  • CHILLS WHILE PRESERVING FLAVOR. Won’t water down drinks like ice cubes. Keeps your whiskey ice cold without ruining the taste or quality.
  • FINELY CRAFTED SOAPSTONE. Polished black soapstone cubes are FDA-approved and all natural. Soapstone holds temperature for a long time.
  • USE WITH ANY DRINK. At just .75”, cubes fit in many glasses and drink containers. Chills any beverage.
  • RESUSABLE. Keep in your freezer, and place in your drink. Allow drink to chill for a few minutes. Then, rinse cubes and return to your freezer.
  • KEEPS FLAVORS PURE. Non-porous, won’t alter the taste of your beverage. Prevents dilution for full-bodied flavors.